Monday, July 7, 2014

Behind the Shutter Vol. 1, Issue 1

Monday June 30th - We are painting our third upstairs guest room. I just love the colors but boy oh boy am I sick and tired of painting. My Mom was sweet enough to join me at my house and help prep our master bedroom for carpet install later this week. I am so thankful for her, she is such a gift to me!

Tuesday July 1st - Yes its July 1st, does anyone else have a problem with this? Where has this year gone?? I spent the evening pulling blue tape off the floor in our guest room in preparation of our carpet install. Diesel thought this was great fun and ran around attacking me, Opie, or the blue tape. Silly dog!

Wednesday July 2nd - Opie is a wonderful 4 legged assistant when working from home waiting for the carpet installers to never show up. A pretty frustrating day, but I am so very thankful for the opportunity to work from home and the flexibility that allows are we work on refreshing our home.

We also ran into one of our friends who happens to live right down the street from us to pick up some fireworks for the 4th. We love having friends close, and the opportunity to support the local Elks Lodge.

Thursday July 3rd - The Carpet installers finally arrive! We had to lock our little Lion dog and his brother up. Opie likes to bark, and bark and bark, and it drives us all a little crazy!  The carpet turned out so beautifully! We are so very excited to see how all our hard work is turning out! Oh..I got my toes done in a lovely Patriotic Design! I think they are super cute, for feet of course!!!

Friday July 4th - We had a blast for our 4th of July BBQ! You can find my Planner for the event here
Lots of time spent swimming, cooking, talking, playing, and most importantly lighting fireworks off! The city we live in is one of the few left in Southern California that allow fireworks.  We look forward to the fun this brings every year. 

Saturday July 5th - We spent most of the day recovering, including this sweet boy. His poor little paws were red and swollen when we woke up and we had to put baby socks on his paws to stop him from licking. Ryan and I spent most of the day napping and resting recovering from the fun of the 4th of July. These days we don't live it up very often, and as we get older its a little harder every time to get back on our feet!

Sunday, July 6th - Was another day of rest after picking up what was the explosion of our 4th of July BBQ. I enjoyed spending most of the day tucked away in our master bedroom enjoying the new carpet and Season 1 of Revenge.  I am completely addicted to the show! The puppies helped me nap for a few minutes. Diesel has taken to sleeping on his back. It cracks me up!

We celebrated my Aunt's Birthday at the Knott's Berry Farm Chicken Restaurant which was so very yummy! Biscuits, Chicken Fried Steak, and Mashed Potatoes, the ultimate comfort food! 

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Sparks will Fly 4th of July BBQ Planner

We are planning a 4th of July BBQ on Friday. 

After the recent weeks of fun plans as well as working hard at our day jobs as well as our house refresh projects, I created a planner to keep my thoughts and planning organized for our event. 
I thought I would share this planner in the hopes that it would help some one else stay organized this Summer Holiday! 

Planning an Event I start out with a few favorite questions: 

Who: Who are we inviting? Who is attending?

What: What kind of event? What is the Schedule of the Event? What are we Eating? What Activities? 

Where: Where will the event be held?

When: What date is the event? What time is the Event?

Why: Why are we having this event?

Do you feel like you are back in Junior High? Those 5 W's add such simplicity to organizing thoughts.

Links to Recipe's for our BBQ: 

Once I have the basic's identified I document the list of tasks that need to be accomplished to get us to  a super successful event!  This is a look of the Week prior to our BBQ. The list of tasks is a living document that changes as plans change. Like when your Carpet installer gets the date wrong and you have to move everything up a day in preparation. Included in the list are any daily to-do's or plans from our calendar that would impact the time available for us to prepare, like work or race car driving.

Finally I make my shopping list. Starting with the activities planned to the menu, I walk each planned item for what needs to purchased, and where to purchased at.  

I print the Planner pages out and keep them on my favorite clip board (Yeah its pink and monogrammed). Ryan and I review the list and distribute the tasks until we get everything completed. 

Wishing you a wonderful 4th of July full of Yummy BBQ and Lots of Sparklers!!! Thanks for stopping by!

Thursday, June 26, 2014

A Girl with a Cat Face

This was in July of 1985, I was 6 years old.

Don’t you just love the dress I’m wearing? Something about seersucker and lace, that just makes me smile!

I have no idea why I have a cat face? Am I trying to make cat “ears” with my hands?  Who knows?? What I do know is that growing up I had some amazing summers which included swimming a lot, playing even more, and enjoying family.

I now find myself in a whole new “Tween” stage of life, too old for a summer break but young enough to miss one.  Old enough to have a busy calendar, but young enough to miss the family that is too far away by miles or the other side of heaven.  As we start this summer off I am passionately planning to find more time for floating in the water and loving the ones I share life with!

Thursday, June 19, 2014

A Girl with a Gun

Welcome to Throwback Thursday if you are visiting from The Mom Creative 

Oh how this picture makes me smile!!!
Oh my letterman Jacket, such a symbol of my high school years. I lettered in Band. I am totally okay with that!! 
Oh My Last Name, or well my Maiden Name. I am so very proud to have been born to our Taylor Clan!  I also cherish my nick name “Scooter bug” given to me by my Dad, and that it has travelled with me into my Married years! 

This picture was taken in the desert surrounding the Calico Ghost Town  where we camp, play, and where we make wonderful memories year after year over the New Year Holiday. One of our favorite activities out in the desert is shooting lead into the dirt! Its great fun! 

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Dad on a Boat

Welcome if you are stopping in from The Mom Creative!! I'm glad you are here! 

This is my Dad and I on a Boat.

A fishing boat in Hawaii, I was 13. I thought pink gecko tank tops and permed long bangs were fashionable.

This vacation was spent with my parents, and my Aunt and Uncle. We chartered a small fishing boat to snorkel on; it felt a bit like the Minnow.  We saw all sorts of amazing sea creatures and enjoyed the adventure together.  I can remember my Dad diving down to swim with sea turtles, and not understanding the tricks that clear blue water can play on depth perception. I can still feel the fear of sliding into the water knowing that I was going to break off a piece of coral (It was actually so much further down than I could comprehend).  Even when I didn’t trust his advice, my Dad stayed near and coaxed me through my fears. You see that’s what you do when you love someone, or at least that’s one way my Dad loves me.

This is my Dad and I on a Boat.

A fishing boat in Maine, I was 24. I thought that Pink hats and Pea coats were fashionable.

This vacation was spent with just the Taylor Trio (My Mom, Dad, and I). We chartered a small fishing boat to visit Puffins. Puffins are a sea bird, and also my Mom’s favorite animal.  These silly little birds call a little island off the coast of Maine home, and we were just crazy enough to go visit them. You see that’s what you do when you love someone, or at least that’s one way my Dad loves her. We arrived at the island and proceeded up mossy rocks and ropes (yes I slipped and fell, and anyone who knows me won’t be surprised) and spent our time listening to Puffins land on our blind, watching them waddle around, and hugged my Mom as her dreams came true! It was kind of magical!

These are just two, of many times that I have shared sweet time with my Dad on a Boat.  Water Skiing, House Boating, Whale Watching, Cruising, Fishing, oh and that time on the wave runner (let’s not talk about that, OUCH) are some of my favorite memories with him. 

There is something truly amazing about being the Daughter of this Man! He is skilled at loving us! He is a protector of my tender heart, and a wonderful example of a husband.  He is a lover of my Jesus, and lives his faith in all that he does! 

I am blessed to be his!  

Love you Dad!


Sunday, June 1, 2014

Lets Visit Wolves

I can't explain why I am so attracted to these creatures but I was so thrilled for the opportunity to spend a few hours with them. 
I was even more excited to share the experience with Ryan and my Parents.

It was quite amazing! 

Thank you Wolf Mountain for all of your care and love for these amazing Wolves!!! I am forever changed by their stories and eyes. 

Friday, May 9, 2014

Loving that Man - Incident with Chicken

Welcome to Loving that Man, a series of posts with musings, tips, and tricks to loving that special man in your life.

I woke up early to get my day started with the following plan:

1.   Watch “The Originals” on my DVR. (I have a bit of a bad vampire TV show obsession)
2. Get showered and dressed
3. Wake up Ryan.
4. Make our Lunches
5. Start our Dinner in a crock pot

It was a great plan!!

I was on track, checking each of my boxes until I pulled the chicken out of the freezer.

After unwrapping said chicken I noticed that the yellow spongy meat plate was not budging from the frozen chicken breasts. As I struggled, begged, and rinsed the meat to release the packaging, the chicken slipped out of my hands into the sink splashing all sorts of dirty soapy water around. It then jettisoned out of the sink and across the kitchen floor landing right in front of our dogs that were in audience.   

Needless to say there were three chicken breasts unfreezing in our trash can as I raced off to the office.

Note to everyone, buy chicken breasts in individually packed bags, or freeze chicken in bags.

Proverbs 31:15 - She gets up while it is still night; She provides food for her family 

The mornings come quickly at our house these days. For the last few months our schedules have been packed so full of fun, house refreshing (painting and what not), and work that my days seem to run together. It’s hard to find the discipline to stop and take care of the little mundane things. However, if I don’t I end up running from the Organized Chaos Death Squad, known as the OCDS. You know that squad of little gremlins that creates waist high piles of laundry, the one who whispers that it is perfectly reasonable to drive thru the nearest fast food restaurant for dinner because the meat is still in the freezer, or my personal favorite that moment when you realize that every bowl, spoon, and cup is either in the sink or laying around the house and you mysteriously feel okay about it. When I am seduced by this chaos, my world begins to fall apart.

Ryan has three pet peeves around our home: no clean clothes, dirty dishes and wasted food. Who can blame him? They are my pet peeves as well.  To avoid these things from happening I've made some changes to my routine that I wanted to share in hopes of helping other women avoid the OCDS and increase the happy man quotient!!!

1.   Laundry – Do a load a Night/Day. If I keep our laundry caught up this way, we don’t get into the “wash what we need” cycle. That cycle is costly to my wallet, water, and Ryan’s sanity.  This is a new routine for me, and I sometimes fail at it. I find that if I do a load at night and get in the dryer before bed, I can fold it the following morning. (For Transparency - Putting away clean laundry is a whole different story. I just hate that part, luckily Ryan doesn't mind it too much)

2. Dirty Dishes – When I am cooking dinner I am trying my best to:

a. Wash as you go – If you have a pot/pan/dish that you are done with wash it up when you have a free moment and put it in the dish washer.
b. Clean up ingredients as you are done with them. I try to put extra ingredients away as I am cooking so they aren't out on the counters when the meal is over.
c.  Fill up one side of the sink – for dishes that need to soak. As Ryan pointed out to me it’s better to fill up the side without the garbage disposal. You might need it!
d.Do the dishes after every meal. We get into a “Rinse so they don’t stink” cycle at times. Then you end up with multiple loads of dishes and nobody wants to do that!

3. Dinner – Meal Planning and Daily scheduling. On Saturday or Sunday I sit down and review our week. I note the evenings when we have plans and will need to eat out, and then plan dinners accordingly.  Freezing my meats for the meals is helpful on not wasting food, as long as I remember to defrost the meat in a timely fashion. I am really successful with this when I review my weekly calendar before bed so that I am prepared for the next day! I love my Erin Condren Life Planner right now for keeping our calendar and plans in sync.

Any suggestions to share on ways of maintaining a happy home that directly impact your special man, I’d love to hear them!